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Gun culture

10 Guns That Nearly Everybody Loves To Shoot

Some guns really stand out from the crowd in the history of weaponry. How many have you had your hands on?

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told senators about the new bullet at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing last Thursday.

The highly-contested California law restricting magazine capacity will be challenged in federal court later today by the state affiliate of the NRA.

Laws and regulations

Self-Defense Bills Voted Out of Maine Committee

Another hit for law-abiding gun owners in Maine as legislative committee votes to send two pro-carry bills back to their respective chambers.

Laws and regulations

Montana Governor Vetoes Restaurant Carry Bill

Governor Bollock vetoed the bill under the reasoning that guns and alcohol in public places don’t mix, despite it already being legal to carry a concealed firearm in a restaurant that does not serve alcohol.

Despite the fear that gun sales would plummet after Trump's win over Clinton, the numbers remain strong and 2017 is on track to be on of the top years for gun sales overall.

In yet another argument for keeping firearms for home protection, a Dallas man was able to wrest a gun away from his would-be robber to use for self-defense.

The bill seeks to amend the qualifications to obtain dealership licenses and for being employed as a dealership agent in addition to limiting the annual number of private firearm transfers for gun owners.

According to a new letter issued by the ATF, it is no longer illegal to shoulder the SB Tactical pistol stabilizing brace as usage alone doesn't turn the pistol into a short barrel rifle.

Laws and regulations

Massachusetts Pushing Anti-Gun Legislation Through House

The bill aims to create two new protective orders that would be in direct opposition to the Second Amendment, requiring citizens to surrender any carry licenses and weapons immediately after an order is issued, regardless of its legitimacy.

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad signed one of the most ambitious expansions of gun rights legislation passed in any state in recent years, giving gun owners the ability to defend themselves in public and preventing local governments from implementing their own rules.

Gun culture

Video - Nerf John Wick

nerf john wick

When the price on an assassin's head goes up each time he kills, it's Nerf or nothing. Watch the guys behind Corridor Digital take it to the limit.

The 4-year-old grandson of a Caseyville police officer received a week-long suspension from the school as punishment for bringing a "weapon" onto school grounds.

The 4-year-old grandson of a Caseyville police officer received a week-long suspension from the school as punishment for bringing a "weapon" onto school grounds.

Wolves had been hunted to extinction in Oregon in the last century but have recently started moving back from neighboring states.


Video - Turkey Hunting Tips

turkey hunting tips

Would you like to hunt turkeys but you're new to the sport and don't know where to start? Catch this segment to prepare yourself for bringing home a turkey from the wild.

Picatinny Arsenal is experimenting with a prototype system named the Ballistically Optimized Sniper Scope to bring a quality digitally optimized and guided scope to the battlefield.

Laws and regulations

California Firearm-Related Bills Heard in Committee

California's web of gun laws will continue down its confusing track with the current group of hunting and firearms bills in various stages of review.

The derringer is believed to have been with Holliday in the Hotel Glenwood room where he died in 1887 and was recently purchased for $84,000 by the Glenwood Springs Historical Society.

The new elk are being introduced to Wisconsin from a herd in Kentucky in an ongoing effort to boost elk numbers in the state.

Laws and regulations

Kansas Senate Committee Pushing Hospital Anti-Gun Legislation

The bill would allow Kansas’ four state hospitals and public heath facilities to continue to ban handguns on their property despite the pending statewide pro-carry law.

In honor of National Puppy Day, the Department of Defense released a peek behind the scenes at the training of military working dogs.

The suspect had allegedly been attempting to break into other neighborhood homes the same evening.

The updated regulations include hunting dog limits, non-resident license caps, quota information, and banned bait items.

Three state lawmakers put forth a bill that creates a new crime: endangering a minor by allowing them access to a firearm.

Gun culture

Wild Turkey Chases Delivery Driver

wild turkey chases delivery driver around truck

Wild turkeys have been known to chase just about anything. Here's one Minnesota turkey who won't be deterred.

The Vermont Wildlife Open House Meeting, March 25 at Middlebury High School, will be a great, free opportunity to learn about the state’s wildlife and its habitats.

talking to kids about gun safety

ProjectChildSafe and champion competitive shooter Julie Golob join forces to address the topic of gun safety and your kids.

H.R. 358 and S. 618 would rewrite the FOPA law to implement the protections Congress originally intended when it was passed.

Product reviews

Range Demo: AR15 16" Pencil Barrel

ar15 16 pencil barrel

Competitive shooter, George, shows off his AR build at the Pike National Forest outdoor range and throws some lead down range.

The late-season quota of seven cats was met recently but a short, conditional season will begin March 21st for a chance at early season cats who got away.

The bill would ban the use of traditional lead ammunition while hunting in State parks or protected natural areas.

Laws and regulations

Tennessee: House to Consider Self-Defense Legislation on Monday

The Tennessee House is set to vote on HB 752 on Monday, which addresses carry rights for those under protective orders.

Product reviews

Range Demo: Savage Model 11 .308

savage model 11 .308

Terry hits the range and lays down some lead with the Savage Model 11 .308.

The bill puts no restrictions on hunting or trapping the animals, but no longer allows them to be killed for entertainment or prizes.

Product reviews

Range Demo: Springfield M1A1 Scout

keltec 12 gauge shotgun review

Jason Jenkins takes the Springfield M1A1 Scout to the range and punches some holes.

Any state resident 21 or older can apply for a concealed weapons permit, and that permit would become enhanced after completing eight hours of active shooting training.

The award is presented for excellence in conservation and stewardship of wildlife and land.


Video - Curious Wild Turkey Gets Too Close

wild turkey gets too close to hunting

A bit of a hunting blooper when this fearless hen boldly examines the very thing she should be avoiding!

Two bills are on the desk of the Governor that would allow victims of domestic abuse to carry concealed guns to protect themselves from potentially violent situations.

The bill would allow South Carolina residents to carry in-state without requiring them to get a CCW permit.

H.R. 1181, the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act, will be heard on the floor of the House as early as this week.

Product reviews

Range Demo: Ruger LCR 357

ruger lcr 357 range demo

Chief Warrant Officer 4, Jason Jenkins, hits the range and lays down some lead with the Ruger LCR .357 pistol.

Laws and regulations

Wisconsin Supreme Court: Madison Can’t Ban Weapons from Buses

Madison's ban prohibiting weapons on public transit has been struck down by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in a landmark decision.

Laws and regulations

Guns at Work in Ohio, State Broadens Gun Laws With CCW Expansion

The most recent changes the Ohio state legislature made to the state's concealed carry laws will take effect on March 21st.

Product reviews

Range Demo: Springfield XD 9mm

springfield xd 9mm range demo

Mike at the range laying down lead with the Springfield XD 9mm.

Laws and regulations

New Interior Secretary Begins Tenure With Two Pro-Hunting Orders

Ryan Zinke (R-MT), the new Secretary of the Interior, starts off strong with two pro-hunting directives, one of which serves to repeal a prohibitive final order from Obama.

U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) introduced a version of interstate carry legislation that would address confusing reciprocity laws.

Product reviews

Sig Sauer P238 Full Review

sig sauer p238 full review

Chief Warrant Officer 4, Jason Jenkins, gives us a quick rundown of what makes the Sig Sauer P238 such a great pistol.

Brooklyn cops broke up a massive, Virginia-based weapons-smuggling outfit and seized 217 weapons — the biggest firearms bust in Brooklyn’s history, authorities said Wednesday.

The hunt is on for a group of burglars who authorities say stolen 28 guns from a Pennsylvania shop.

The San Antonio Police Department's Bomb Squad was called to a home after dozens of rounds of ammunition were found underneath it.


Free Turkey Hunting Workshops in KC Area

Missouri's Department of Conservation will be offering free "intro to turkey hunting" classes.


Gun Dog Spotlight: Weimaraners

A glimpse into the history of Weimaraners and what makes them such good bird dogs.

Product reviews

Mossberg 930 JM SG Demo

mossberg 930 jm sg shotgun demo

Kristopher Bain demos the Mossberg 930 JM SG shotgun.

Idaho's Mountain View School District will allow trained staff members to arm themselves.

Laws and regulations

Florida Supreme Court Upholds Ban On Open Carry

Florida's Supreme Court upheld a law on March 2nd prohibiting open-carry in the state, in direct opposition to the Second Amendment.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is giving six inexperienced young hunters a chance to learn through a hunt this spring.

Laws and regulations

New Hampshire Officially A ‘Constitutional Carry’ State

New Hampshire Governor signs bill into law allowing for Constitutional Carry for both residents and non-residents.

Federal appeals court upholds Maryland's law banning assault weapons and labels assault weapons, like the AR-15, 'weapons of war.'

Gun culture

Millennials Aren't Anti-Gun and We Can Prove It

Gallup Poll data indicated that millennials are actually polling as considerably less in favor of gun regulations than those of the previous generations.

Laws and regulations

Wyoming Gun Owners: Senate Voting as Soon as Tomorrow!

Two pieces of important gun-related legislation, HB 136 "Campus Carry," and HB 137 "Repeal Gun-Free Zones," made it past the Wyoming Senate Judiciary Committee and will now face a vote on the Senate Floor as early as tomorrow.

Product reviews

Ruger 556 AR Demonstration

A quick demo of the Ruger 556 AR with Celeste from SureArms.

Product reviews

KelTec KSG 12 Gauge Full Pump Shotgun Review

keltec 12 gauge shotgun review

Jason Jenkins reviews the KelTec 12 Gauge Full Pump Action Shotgun

Gun maintenance

What Parts To Clean In A Rifle

Basic gun maintenance is an absolute necessity, no matter what kind of gun you have or use. Even if you don't use a gun, regular maintenance and cleaning will save you a lot of money and heartache down the road.

millennials and guns

Here at SureArms, we don't take anything for granted. This includes the idea that the youth of America – the Millennials – are so hopelessly liberal that they have been turned off to gun ownership forever.

Product reviews

5 Most Popular Used Side-By-Side Shotguns

Winchester 24

Buying a used gun can be hard. You want to make sure you're getting good quality, but you're probably going for a used gun because of price.