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Buying a Gun Online

In order for you to complete the purchase of a firearm, ammunition, or any other product that may only be conveyed across state lines by transfer of title from one Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) to another, which includes SureArms and The Bullet Hole, the product must be delivered directly to an FFL. Any other product, such as accessories or other items not covered under certain laws applying to guns and ammunition, can be shipped directly to an address of your choosing.

You will need to be physically present at the FFL's place of business in order to take possession of a firearm or ammunition. You will must also take and pass an NICS background screening before taking possession of a firearm. The cost of an NICS background check is solely at the determination of your local FFL. Attempting to purchase a firearm for, or on behalf of, someone who you have reason to believe would not be able to pass a background check is a felony.

Click here to learn more about what might cause someone to fail an NICS background check.


Here is how the process works:

1. Select the gun that you want

After having browsed our excellent and diverse product offerings, just pick the product you want, add it to your cart, and proceed to checkout.

2. Select the FFL nearest you that you trust to handle your background check

Rather than going directly to your home, the product you order will be sent to a Federal Firearms License (FFL)-holder. Upon making your order, one of our customer service staff will contact you directly to select the FFL closest to you where the item will be shipped. Once you've received notification from our shipping tracker that your product has arrived at the FFL you selected, you're ready to go pick up your gun after an instant background check.

Click here for a list of FFLs as provided to us by the ATF. This list is only as accurate and up-to-date as the ATF's database.

3. Go to the FFL for the background check

Make sure you bring a copy of a photo ID with you when you go to your local FFL to pick up the gun you ordered. You'll be asked to take a quick background check for a fee. The fee will be set by the FFL.

4. Take your gun home...

...and enjoy! You're now the proud owner of one of our fine firearms. Buying a gun online is a simple, easy process that is only slightly more complex than buying anything else online.

It is possible that, upon taking a background check, you will be asked to delay your pickup for up to 48 hours as the background check runs. This process is managed by the FBI and is entirely outside of's control.