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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who is SureArms?

A: Click here to learn more about us and our history.

Q: How do I buy a gun or ammunition online?

A: Click here to review our terms and conditions for buying guns and ammunition online.

Q: What are your shipping and return policies?

A: Click here to review our shipping policies and return policies.

Q: Why do I have to take a background check even if I've bought a firearm from SureArms before?

A: The federal government requires an NICS check for each new firearms transaction, even if you have successfully completed a screening in the past. We here at SureArms believe that buying a gun should be as simple and affordable as the exercise of any other Constitutional right, but we also have to follow the laws whether we like them or not.

Q: What is an FFL?

A: An FFL is a person or business that has received a license from the federal government to conduct NICS background screenings and to transfer title of firearms to customers.

Q: Which FFL will I go to in order to pick up the firearm or ammunition I ordered?

A: Once you have placed an order, our experienced customer service team will contact you directly to help you pick your preferred FFL. Please review our shipping policy to learn more about this process.

Q: Once I've placed an order, how long will it take me to get my firearm?

A: Once we've received your order, we will contact you directly to confirm the local FFL you'd like to use for delivery. Once packed and shipped, your delivery choices will determine how long the product takes to arrive at your chosen FFL. At the FFL, you will be asked to take a NICS background screening. If the screening requests that the FFL delay the transfer, that may add additional time until title to the firearm passes to you.

Q: How much does a NICS background screening cost?

A: The NICS background screening price is at the sole discretion of your chosen FFL. SureArms has no control over this price, nor does the government.

Q: I believe I was wrongfully prohibited from buying a firearm because of an error in my background check. Who do I contact?

A: Neither SureArms nor the FFL that ran the background check control approvals or denials, though the FFL may have a right under local law to deny a transfer for other reasons. If you believe that your NICS check is inaccurate, you should contact the FBI's NICS Customer Service Center at 877-444-6427.

Q: Can I buy a gun for somebody else?

A: It is always illegal to buy a gun for somebody who can't, or who you think can't, pass a NICS background check. You also may not transfer a firearm to any out-of-state person without going through an FFL. You may be able to transfer a firearm to a person residing within the same state unless your state forbids such transfers. State and local laws may restrict your ability to make such transfers.

Q: How do I review my account and my order history?

A: You can review your own account information here. You'll need to log in first.

Q: Does SureArms have any career opportunities?

A: You can review our careers section here for job opportunities available in your area. We'd love to have you on our team!